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to do and how it's going to affect us here. we've got to remember that so many passengers, tens and thousands of connect through o'hare. whatever happens through the country ripples through this airport. we have 3 million people traveling across the nation and the busiest days of travel are going to be tomorrow and sunday. you're going to want to leave a little extra time if you're traveling on those days. it's probably a good idea if you're not traveling, leave a few extra minutes in your schedule. >> we will keep that in mind. thank you so much for that. we'll also keep watching the system as people start their thanksgiving travel. see you soon. cycling now, the crowd is ready for president obama at dreamworks animation in glendale, california. company's owned by one of the top fundraisers but industry has created 4100 jobs in the past month alone. nbc's peter alexander is traveling with the president. this is being billed as an economic speech. do you think he'll probably touch on immigration as well? >> reporter: yeah, he has touched on immigration as he did yesterday in san
us never negotiate out of fear but let us never fear to negotiate. i believe that. this diplomacy backed by the unprecedented sanctions we brought on iran, has brought us the progress that was achieved this weekend. for the first time in a decade, we've halted the progress on iran's nuclear program. key parts of the program will be rolled back. [ applause ] >> international inspectors will have unprecedented access to iran's nuke cheer related facilities. this will help iran from developing a nuclear weapon. we're going to continue our diplomacy with the goal of achieving a comprehensive solution that deals with the threat of iran's nuclear program once and for all. and if iran seizes this opportunity and chooses to join the global community, then we can begin to chip away at the mistrust that's existed for many, many years between our two nations. none of that is going to be easy, huge challenges remain. but we cannot close the door on diplomacy and not rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. we cannot commit ourselves to an endless cycle of conflict. tough talk and
presidential library back in april. >> thanks for coming on. to help us dissect all things obama care, we're joined by megan mccartel. how are you? >> i'm fine, thanks. >> we'll get to elections but a lot of talk about navigators and new york times reporting some states like kentucky, they've been very helpful. luke russert reporting on republicans though trying to use this sort of grass roots outreach as a potential pit fall. how important is it to have something offline to help people in states learn about what they can do under this law? >> well, i think right now it's very important. if the website isn't performing as we expected, it probably wouldn't be as important. you would still want that, especially for seniors who aren't always the tech savviest people. the issue is that the republicans are pretty fair on is that not all of the navigators seem to have been trained as much as you might like. the new york times article had a kentucky navigator telling a woman who is reluctant to sign up for medicaid, you could just sign up and use it for catastrophic expenses and pay your doctors
. nbc's katy tur at one of the busiest airports and courtney scott are with us now and carl parker, we start with you. how is the forecast looking? >> katy, go ahead. >> reporter: it's okay. it is certainly one of the bussest days of the year and not a good way to start it off. 2.4 million people will travel by plane, a lot are hopefully in the air right now but there are a lot of delays as we speak. 250 flights have been canceled today. 480 or so delayed, flight aware is saying there are delays in every major airport, that's sfo, lax, d.c., atlanta, chicago o'hare, miami, all of the airports being affected by this. you might wonder why lax is being affected? they are not in the path. storm whatsoever. their outgoing flights may be going somewhere that are affected by the storm. it started off with having very few delays and very few issues as the day has gone on. we've are more cancellations and few more delays ranging from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. laguardia itself hasn't been so bad. the outbound flights have taken off. it's the inbound flights have issues. an hour delays he
for staples they need to survive. international aid rushes in on this veterans day, 90 u.s. marines and sailors in t philippines. another tropical depression is expected to hit the philippines later this week and that's putting additional pressure on rescue teams and aid workers, ian williams is in the philippines. >> reporter: tour'e, a massive relief operation is getting under way but they face enormous logistical obstacles, the head of the philippine red cross described the situation as absolute bedlam, rescue teams are trying to get to the outlying areas, some of the aerds they believe to be hard hit. the communications are still down, power is still down, roads are blocked. even in tacloban, it's difficult to get aid in, the u.s. and philippine military have been flying in bringing in water, water purifiers and shelter and medicine, a lot of stuff aimed to help children affected by this disaster. but there are limits to the amount that can be brought in. there's a real bottleneck at the airport there. other aid agencies are talking about bringing in relief aid by ship as soon a
get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it feels wonderful. i don't smoke. i don't smoke. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >>> breaking news about one of the most powerful storms in history. super typhoon gave damage so severe and widespread we're only now getting an accurate picture of what happened. the images like apocalyptic. basic infrom structure obliterated and corpses lining the streets. expected to top 10,000 souls. survivors as looking like zombies emerging from the debris in dice belief. 4.5 million people have been affected. food, clean water, and medicine and security and the spread of disease. as much as 600,000 displace the philippine knows are at risk. grocery stores, anywhere they might find supplies few you are looting but the vast majority of looking for staples they need to survive. international aid rushes in on this veterans day, 90 u.s. marines and sailors in t philip
. it goes for me and david brinkley for all of the correspondents as well. it's so impossible for all of us to contemplate, to realize and understand that this young, so vital man, can be dead in this fashion. >> this hour lee harvey oswald had just been taken into custody, the so-called pristine bullet found on a stretcher inside dallas's parkland hospital. the president's casket was moved from the hospital and on to air force one. mrs. kennedy stayed by her husband's side and watched as the president security detail lifted the coffin on the plane. when an agent wrote, nowhere in any training or manual that the width of the door on air force one was just a few inches too narrow for a casket. three shots have been fired in dealey plaza and the world stopped for four days. there's one question an entire generation knows the question to you, where were you the day jfk was shot? that's the focus of the two-hour documentary reported on by tom brokaw. he interviews dozens from celebrities to average middle class americans. take a look. >> i remember exactly where i was doing and where i was. >>
website might need to be taken offline and rebuilt. joining us at the table is john stanton recently featured in the buzz feed list of all 23 reasons why john stanton should be on hill's most beautiful people list. >> i love that. >> welcome. >> comments on that? >> my mom loved it. >> i heard your mom loves -- a buzz feed fan. >> you interviewed nancy pelosi yesterday for buzz feed and she talked about the branding of the affordable care act. let's take a listen. >> yes they could have done a better job describing it. i'm really disappointed that the technology, you can imagine coming from northern california what i think of that. notice i always call it affordable care act. i've always called it the affordable care act. everybody may not love obama but everybody loves affordable. and the -- i love them both. >> a lot of love in that room there. >> yes. >> the first question for you, talking to her, she's speaking to a branding challenge that a lot of democrats have had. they tried to embrace and pump up obama care but beyond the obama piece which she spoke to, isn't it also a probl
to distract people, and hopefully you get the -- >> can you use that term, ari? >> you can. we have a ruling. >> it is true, congressman upton spoke about getting up to 100 and yesterday he expected to have at least 50 when he was doing an interview. if we want to look at the trend line, originally it was 34 house democrats who voted against the affordability care act. today only five more coming along for upton. we're not seeing a breakaway from this law by democrats which have been roundly and repeatedly predicted this week. >> a lot of these democrats are making a political calculation and using this as an opportunity to distance themself as the president. they have an eye on 2015. >> those would only be five more. you have 34 give or take as a trend line that are on record against the entire policy and only a handful who in response to everything we've heard, some of which has been concerning, only a handful saying they are going to come out and support the republican plan here. >> that's right. we should also keep in mind there are four republicans who voted against this too. they reali
'll give you very little facts, very few facts. we're working with the u.s. attorneys office as well as our partners. i'm not going to talk about the victims today. we still have people we have to be in contact with in the meantime. we're going to bring our resources to bear in conjunction with partners here which would include our evidence response team and any other necessary resources. at this point we do not see any additional threats here at the airport. >> thank you, finally, last speaker will be mike bodden and then we'll take questions after that. we want to thank them for in help not only with the traffic and traveling public here today as well. one last note i want to say we'll take questions after. i want to thank officers from the los angeles airports department, police department here, who's heroic acts saved lives here today. >> thank you. good morning, i just want to reiterate something the mayor said and thank the first spontders here today. lapd, los angeles world airport police and fire department, tsa, fbi, there's a natural human instinct to flee or duck. the folks here
cycle." ♪ >> we do begin on a more serious note this hour. help us, that is the message thousands of typhoon survivors are saying as food and water and medicine has been slow to reach hard hit areas. aid has been arriving to the airport but getting it out to the city and local towns where roads are washed out and emergency crew killed has been quite difficult. it tops 2300 and at least two americans were among them. ian williams is in the philippines. ian, the flow of the aid as many people have commented seems frustratingly slow. what is being done to improve that flow of aid? >> reporter: ari, there is aid in country and there's plenty more on its way. the real problem is getting it to where it's most needed. the philippine government described this as the biggest and most challenging logistical effort they've ever undertaken here. they said they are dealing with it and are promising to step things up but not nearly quick enough for those desperate survivors. now, one of the problems was the local government was almost decimated. there's not been the officials there to distribut
right. i don't expect the white house to have a press conference that says, 77% of the users can use the website. if it's 93, they probably will. if it's 77, i don't think they will. i wouldn't focus as much -- the key thing is, there will be a ramp up in terms of number of people to sign up, like december 2nd, so on. on those days, is the website working or on october 1st where you have large numbers of people, journalists included trying to log on and can't? that's the key thing. when people actually need to sign up for health insurance, does the website work? and this will be anecdotal in some ways, there's no real nationwide report that comes out on how the website is working. but you can look and see state by state how are things going. that's the real measure here. >> the difference between this situation and other second term controversy, something you've written about, whether it be the nsa, government shutdown, syria or irs, you name it, obama care is a signature issue, one that affects millions of americans. there no villain that obama can take on in this situation and stri
this is a long-term company, a company that for which there is a fantastic use case for every person on the planet. >> julia boorstin joins us now from san francisco. julia, it was a great interview. now, walk us through what's happening with the ipo as of right now. >> well, abby, as you mentioned, twitter's only been publicly traded for a couple of hours, but it's already had a massive run. it opened over 70% higher from where it was priced last night at $26 per share. now it's trading in the mid-40s. at one point soon after it started trading, it even hit $50 a share. now, it's worth keeping in mind that that $50 or that $46, that's up from an already raised pricing range. the stock keeps on getting pushed up and up. twitter's current evaluation is bigger than 337 companies in the s&p 500. it's also bigger than another social media giant. linkedin is roughly a $25 billion market cap. unlieke linkedin, twitter is no yet profitable. that means all these investors aren't buying share from the current company. right now the company has generated -- but they're not buying it because of
care, be well. >> joining us here is the deputy mayor for government affairs and communications and also co-chief strategist and communications director for hillary clinton's presidential campaign. and howard, thanks for joining us, turning from virginia there to new jersey, chris christie, it would have been tough to defeat him no matter who democrats put up against him or how much effort was spent against him, he just is a very popular governor there. did democrats make a mistake in not focusing more of their attention there trying to at least land some punches? should we be nervous looking down the road at 2016. >> chris christie is setting up a narrative for himself that could catapult a presidential candidacy. if you look at what happened in virginia, the republican is probably going to lose and lose badly. he will say my brand of republicanism in a blue state has been successful. i'm coming up with a very big win and that's the kind of campaigning and kind of policies that republicans should be running on all over the country. so he will point to himself as the kind of rep
states that are using the federal exchanges. that is slightly better than the 2007 massachusetts enrollment rate that the white house has been comparing itself to. remember, high enrollment is the key to making this entire law work. with tech issues and glitches, the administration is far off track of its goal of 7 million people enrolled by the end of march. white house had a word of caution. >> i cannot confirm those numbers. you know, there have been a variety of reports saying a variety of different things, i have not seen specific figures, but i anticipate that we will be releasing data about enrollment by the end of the week. >> so let's take it to the bank, "washington post" dana milbank, that is. as our favorite d.c. cynic. what do you make of these snubz. >> i'm not a cynic, just a little -- >> they are disappointing numbers of course, but expectations are so low. if they -- the fact they made it out of the double digits is going to surprise some folks. but of course, you know, the people are just pouncing at this point. i was on a conference call this morning and it was
difference being outsiders could also opt in. so help us understand the difference. >> right. there are two key differences between what the president laid out today and what house republicans, including fred upton, who's a republican from michigan, have been putting forward. the president east plan is only for one year. it says that plans can be extended just through 2014 whereas the republican house bill would allow these plans to be extended indefinitely. the president's plan only applies to people who are already on these kinds of coverage, whereas congressman upton would allow new people to buy into these old plans that don't meet the new requirements under obama care. the president's proposal is a lot more limited. and there's something to what the white house is saying about how, yes, this will have impacts on the insurance market. there are good reasons why insurers are displeased about it. but the effects are likely to be fairly limited over the long term, partly because this is only supposed to go for one year, although who knows what will happen at the end of 2014 if we do this a
're at a different place than we were in 2010. there's a status quo by us and back in 2010 democrats were disrupting the status quo and now it's obama care. to keep to the message democrats are running with and governing on, it vote for sound policiwise and better politics than what republicans are say, which is repeal, which is going to be much more disruptive than working through this obama care launch. >> we have a new -- vance mcallister, a deep south districted that overwhelmingly for him despite what we might call moderate position anti-obama care. he's going to join the repeal caucus, but he's in favor of expanding medicaid, which makes him a moderate within -- on that side of the aisle. making a meal out of one data point, like eating chocolate cake for breakfast which i don't understand because i do that all the time. >> sounds great. >> what does that say to you, if anything? >> it says something about the particulars of his constituency that he's got a large constituency of people who could benefit from the medicaid expansion. >> and as loi the republicans do. >> especially in the deep so
in the divided u.s. senate. >> under the precedent set by the senate, today, november 21, 2013, the threshold for cloture on nominations not including those to the supreme court of the united states is now a majority. that is the ruling of the chair. >> democrats, the majority party, have officially altered the way the chamber has operated for more than two centuries. they changed filibuster rules to end the 60-vote threshold on judicial nominees except those to the u.s. supreme court. it stems from the republicans repeatedly filibustering the nominees. ahead of today's actions fireworks on the senate floor. >> the american people believe the senate is broken. and i believe the american people are right. and the united states has wasted an unprecedented amount of time on procedural hurdles and partisan obstruction. as a result, the work of this country goes undone. this is not about democrats versus republicans. this is about making washington work regardless of who's in the white house or who controls the senate. >> this business of filibustering the circuit court judges was entirely an inve
outer pace. from that we start with perry bac bacon, who will be with us when we're doing the show from outer space. i got a nice e-mail breaking down how chris christie doing so very well with blacks in new jersey, suggests how he may do in 2016 nationally, we're talking about his getting 30% among blacks in new jersey. this is supposed to be a great number for the gop, but it is largely blacks -- because of decades of problem. ari will dig into that. i want to dig into how latinos will fare and how they'll fare with white voters. they've been doing really badly with latinos for several years now and partly the immigration thing will chase more away further. but with white folks, they've been doing extremely well. when he have a white candidate, like, say, hillary, it will be different than barack. >> let me say, first of all, it's great that christie is campaigning for black votes. it would be great for our system, if we republicans campaign and we were so divided by race and culture as opposed no ideology. i'm glad he's doing that. that said, important factor to remember here, tour'e
hope of finding a quality job. president obama today in the big easy saying more u.s. exports means more u.s. jobs. >> in so many ways this port is representative of what ports all around the country do, they help to keep our economy going. moving products, moving -- moving people, making sure that businesses are working, growing our economy, creating new jobs and helping middle class families regain a sense of stability and security. so they can find good jobs and make sure their kids are doing better than they did. that's always been what america is about. but for too many people, that sense that you can make it here if you try, that sense has been slipping away. >> somebody screwed up and let luke russert out of the capitol and he's now in new orleans, what's going on there? >> reporter: thank you so much, i'm here at the port of new orleans which resembles the set of season two of "the wire." president obama came here to tout exports, specifically naming the panama and column bee an free trade agreements, one of the busiest thoroughfares in world, touting infrastructure is gate
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)